Fight Your Demons, Free Your Mind
Fight Your Demons, Free Your Mind
Hilary. Twenty One. Gay. Capricorn. Boulder, CO.

Twisted under sleepless sheets

I begin to thaw as your silhouette consumes the

Semblance of a frame my eyes can manage.

I imagine that you are smoke

Dancing from burning sage

But you can’t chase away evil spirits

Without adopting some as your own.

Tips of sweet rainstorms trail at your feet

They punish you if you step too hard

Thundering love songs into a heart

That you are too scared to name

For fear it will pass prematurely.

Cálmate querido,

Slow the pacing of your heart

Before its wooden floors give out-

These days,

Good karma is spent before it is earned and

Advance payments don’t apply to old sins

But don’t let that stop you from syncing your breath

To the bodies beside you

Never knowing whether you are the source of power

Or the shadow of it: just be wary.

This gambling can embalm the lightest sins beside the heaviest

And you are far from grey



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