Fight Your Demons, Free Your Mind
Fight Your Demons, Free Your Mind
Hilary. Twenty One. Gay. Capricorn. Boulder, CO.
The Sandman

It appears my head is holding high
But my ostrich heart is buried below sand
I am still searching
There are far too many repercussions that come with breathing
And suffocation always looked so beautiful
I wish I could touch my skin
The way you used to
I don’t think this is my body
I cannot find myself beautiful
Only lost below sensation
Roaring insides keep my eyes open
No sandbags will be laid to rest here
This is cocaine defeat
Short lived highs from one episode to the next
Resources are obsolete as my fingers become sharper
I will claw you
Growling from the pit of my stomach
Sand paper scratches down my cheeks
Rosy red enough to face you
Scarred enough to face you
From above my ostrich heart
Buried in sand

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